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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of custom office desk, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To ensure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

Multiple Application Scenarios

Desks are an integral element of modern workspaces and are suitable for a variety of scenarios, including open-plan office spaces, personal workstations, conference rooms, and home offices. Our flexible design can meet the needs of creative workers, technical professionals, administrators and other users, thus promoting efficiency and work comfort.

Open Plan Office area

In an open office environment, a desk is not only a platform for work, but also an incubator for collaboration and creativity. We designed the desk with a lightweight, flexible structure that is easy to reconfigure and adapt to changing team sizes and project requirements. With integrated power solutions and a hidden cable management system, our desk ensures a clean and efficient workspace, while choosing a desktop with noise-resistant materials, can effectively reduce the noise interference of open-plan office, and create a more focused and productive work environment.

Personal workstation

A personal workstation is a symbol of focus and productivity. Our desks focus on personalization and comfort, offering adjustable height features that support standing or sitting to suit different users’ physical needs and work preferences. Spacious desktop space and a multi-purpose storage solution allow personal tools and documents to be stored in an orderly manner. We also took into account the need for modern working methods and designed desks with USB ports and power sockets to ensure that all devices can be easily charged and connected.

Conference room

The desks in the conference rooms should not only facilitate communication and sharing, but also be adaptable to different types of meetings and discussions. We offer an elegant and practical desk design that can accommodate teams of all sizes. Optional extensions, such as an integrated audio-visual device stand and electronic device interface, make presentations and remote meetings smoother. The durable material and easy-to-clean surface of the desktop ensures a fresh look even with frequent use.

Variety of Office Desk for Your Business Space

Height Adjust Desk
Staff Desk
Executive Desk
Meeting Desk
Trainng Desk
Coffee Desk
Recption Desk
Negotiation Desk

Hot Products

Smart adjustable desk

supports standing work and reduces the health risks of sitting too much.

Desk with integrated storage solution

provide ample storage space and a cleaner desktop.

Environmental Protection Materials Desk

use sustainable materials, implement the concept of environmental protection.

Estimated Cost Analysis of Office Desks

In terms of the cost of making a desk, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the impact of each cost factor on the final price. The following is a detailed description of the cost of materials, manufacturing, logistics, and customization costs, designed to provide customers with a high degree of transparency in Cost Analysis

Our desks are made of high-quality materials, such as MFC/MFC/Plywood, metal, glass, and some new materials to ensure that our products are durable and good-looking. Material cost is a big part of the total cost, so we are particularly strict about material selection. We have established a long-term relationship with high-quality material suppliers so that we can control costs while maintaining quality.

Comparison of two types of materials in common use

Comparison of material costs for Boards
The number is just to distinguish the price, the actual price does not depend on this
The manufacturing process involves cutting, assembling, sanding and painting, and each step is done by an experienced worker, so each desk is made with the best technology. Our manufacturing overhead is a reflection of the value of doing the right thing, while we continue to optimize production processes to improve efficiency and control costs.

Our Processing of Cutting and Painting

Automatic laser cutting
Automatic spraying line
For custom desks that require a particular design or size, the cost of customization will vary depending on the level of complexity and the materials required. Our custom services allow customers to select different materials, design elements and functional configurations to meet their unique needs. While customizing products may add additional costs, we ensure that we provide cost-effective customized solutions through detailed budget planning and customer communication.

Comparison of Custom Size & Color

Logistics costs cover all transportation costs from the factory to the customer’s hands or to the customer’s warehouse, including packaging, loading, transportation and possible insurance costs. We select reliable logistics partners to ensure that our desks are delivered to our customers safely and in a timely manner. In addition, we calculate logistics costs based on product size, weight and destination to provide customers with the most cost-effective logistics solutions.

Order Process & Delivery Time Estimation

The custom desk creation process is a journey of creativity and craftsmanship, with each step aimed at ensuring that the final product perfectly meets the customer’s vision and needs. Here is an estimate of the time line from design to delivery for a custom desk

Custom product delivery time estimate

Total delivery time: In summary, customers can expect to receive their custom desk in 4-8 weeks, from design validation to product delivery.

Design phase

This is a crucial first step in the process. Our design team will work closely with the client to ensure that every detail meets the client’s expectations. It usually takes 1-2 weeks from receipt of the client’s initial ideas to final design approval. The length of this phase depends on the speed of customer feedback and the complexity of the design.
1-2weeks 20%

Production preparation

After the design confirmation, we will do the material purchasing and production scheduling. Depending on the nature of the custom product, this phase may require an extra week to prepare.
1 week 30%

Production time

The production phase is the key to turn design into reality. Depending on the complexity of the customized desk and the materials required, the production time is approximately 3-6 weeks. At this stage, our craftsmen will use the highest standards of materials and technology, elaborate each product.

3-6 weeks 80%

Quality Inspection and packing

After production, each customized desk will be subjected to strict quality inspection to ensure compliance with our high quality standards. After passing, the product will be professionally packaged to protect the safety of the product during transportation. This step is expected to take a week.
1 weeks 100%

Logistics and delivery

Finally, the custom desk will be delivered safely to the location designated by the client. Depending on the destination, the delivery time is expected to be 1-2 weeks
The specific time will be decided by the shipping 100%

Want to know how long of lead times?

We are committed to maintaining close communication with the customer throughout the customization process, providing regular updates on the progress of the project, and any early warning that may affect the delivery time. Our goal is not only to meet customer expectations, but also to exceed their expectations of delivery time, to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our services and products.

The Basic Knowledge about office desk

When choosing a desk, understanding the basics is critical to ensuring that you get the product that best suits your needs. Here’s a look at the materials, durability, desktop size, height, and extensions to help customers make the right choice


The material of the desk directly affects its appearance, texture and service life. Common materials include:

Composite materials: such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or Particle board(MFC) or Plywood, with decorative surfaces, can simulate a variety of material appearance, the cost is relatively low.

Metal: such as steel or aluminum, provide high strength and modern feel, suitable for modern office space.

Glass: create a light and transparent feeling, easy to clean, suitable for modern design style.

Solid Wood: provide classic and beautiful appearance, suitable for traditional or high-end office environments.

MFC/MDF/Plywood Inner View
more than 1.5mm wall thickness steel metal
PVC Edgebanding


Durability is a key indicator of desk quality. High quality materials and structural design ensure that the desk can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, to maintain long-term stability and durability. Solid Wood and metal tables generally provide better durability, while composite tables require inspection for surface treatment and structural support.
2.0 mm wall thickness steel metal
Sturdy & Durable MDF Top panel
Awesome 3D Textured melamine finish

Extended functionality

Power and data interface: built-in Power Outlet and USB port to facilitate device charging and data transmission, keep the work area clean and clutter-free.

Storage solutions: storage options such as drawers, shelves, and cabinets help organize and store documents and office supplies, increasing productivity.

Mobility: the design with wheels allows the desk to move easily to adapt to different work environments and layout changes.

Through cable
Bottom box

Desktop size

The desktop size should be based on the user’s space needs and work habits to choose. Enough desktop space for computers, documents, and other office supplies without looking crowded. Considering the need of multitasking, it is more convenient and comfortable to choose a desk with a large working area.

The size is table top size

Height adjustable

Height-adjustable desks are becoming more popular because they support standing work, help improve sitting posture and increase activity at work. Electric or manual adjustment mechanisms allow users to adjust the height of the desktop according to their personal preferences and physical needs, contributing to a healthier working environment.
By mastering these basic knowledge of the desk, you can according to their specific needs and work habits, choose the most suitable for your desk. Whether it’s durability, functionality, or design aesthetics, the right desk can add value to your workspace.​

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

When choosing a desk, consumers may encounter some common pitfalls that may influence their purchasing decisions and lead to unsatisfactory purchasing results. Understanding these pitfalls can help consumers make smarter choices.
Buying a desk that is too large or too small, without taking into account the actual size and layout of the office space, can lead to poor space utilization or overcrowding. Before you buy, be sure to measure your workspace and make sure there is plenty of room for new desks and other furniture and space.
Sure, a desk that looks different is cool, but if it doesn’t work for you, like if it doesn’t have enough storage or it’s not good for your back, then it’s a waste of money. When you buy a desk, you should think about how well it works and how comfortable it is.
Getting a cheap desk that’s built with cheap materials or put together badly can lead to damage or wear and tear in the short term, which can end up costing you more when you have to buy another one. It’s smarter to spend more up front for a desk that’s durable, even if it’s more expensive.
Not caring about the ergonomic design of your desk can cause ongoing discomfort or even health issues. For instance, if your desk is too high or you sit too low at it, that can affect your sitting posture and lead to back pain or even a tired neck. If you want to get more done and feel better when you’re working, it’s super important to get a sit/stand desk or make sure the desk you pick out is ergonomic.
Office requirements change over time, and today’s perfect solution may not fit into the future. Buying a desk that can not adapt to future changes, such as expanding functionality or reconfiguring space, may limit your options and force you to invest again in the future.
The price of the desk varies with the size of the desk, and the larger the size, the higher the price; the client is overly demanding on the size of the desk, for example requiring a 1.3-meter-long desk, while the actual use of a 1.2-meter-long desk is fine, but 1.3 meters is much more expensive than 1.2 meters

By avoiding these common pitfalls, customers have a better chance of getting a good product that is not only beautiful and budget-friendly, but also functional, durable and ergonomic, finally add value to their project.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose CnInvent Furniture?

CnInvent Furniture: Your Furniture Manufacturer Mate You Can Ttrust

Business Capacity

Over 5,000 pieces are produced every month and more than 2,000 partners served worldwide.

Diversity of materials

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The Manufacturing Area

Factory workshop more than 10,000 square meters

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Office Desk

Custom office desks can meet the unique needs and personal preferences of a particular workspace, but clients may have many questions when choosing a custom solution. The following are detailed answers to common questions about customizing your desk, designed to help customers better understand customizing processes, costs, and expectations
the customization process usually begins with a detailed consultation, where we discuss your specific requirements, including dimensions, materials, functional requirements, and so on. Next, our designers will provide preliminary design drafts based on these requirements. After repeated communication adjustment, once the design is confirmed, we will enter the production phase. The whole process includes design confirmation, material purchasing, production, quality inspection and transportation.
The customization process typically takes 4-8 weeks from design validation to final delivery, depending on the complexity of the customized product and the production schedule. We will provide an estimated schedule during the design validation phase and keep the schedule up to date throughout the production process.
The cost of customizing a desk varies depending on the complexity of the design, the materials chosen, the size, and the additional functionality. After design confirmation, we will provide a detailed quotation. While a custom desk may cost more than a standard product, it provides unique value that is fully tailored to your individual needs and tastes.
If it is the whole office furniture project, we will quote, after you accept the quotation, we do not charge design fees, but the design should be paid in advance as a deposit, will be used as a deposit.
Fully assembled or unassembled boxes, along with a wooden crate for delicate items.
By providing these FAQs, we hope to eliminate any doubts customers may have about the custom office desk process, ensuring that they feel confident and worry-free throughout the customization process. We are committed to providing high-quality custom services, allowing every customer to have a perfectly tailored office desk that meets their needs and style.

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