CnInvent Furniture

Manufacturing Center

Production Workshop

CnInvent has a comprehensive production center with an area of 12,000 square meters. There is a wood workshop, steel workshop, and aluminum workshop. 95% of the standard processes are carried out in-house.

Wood Panel Workshop

With comprehensive machines, CnInvent

can manufacture products with various

materials from particle board, MDF, and plywood, to HPL.

*Veneer out sourcing available

*powder coating production line board

Area: 5,000 m²
Workers: 76
5S Management
CNC cutting machine
Bevel edge bending machine
CNC cutting machine
Bevel edge bending machine

Steel Workshop

Equipped with an advanced automatic production line, the steel workshop has comprehensive production capabilities to meet the needs of prototyping and mass production of various hardware products.
*In-house design and production of molds and jigs
Area: 4,000 m²
Workers: 42
5S Management

Laser Cutting Machine
Automatic Polishing Machine

Welding Robots
Automatic Coating Line

Aluminum Workshop

Aluminum CNC
Powder Coating Line

Aluminum Panel Assembling Workshop

As a leading manufacturer of panels, CnInvent has the most professional assembly team capable of producing standard/customized panels quickly and with the highest quality.
Area: 3,000 m²
Workers: 8
5S Management

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