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As a professional manufacturer, CnInvent Furniture provides high-quality custom office furniture solutions to boost your productivity.

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Business Capacity

Over 5,000 pieces are produced every month and more than 2,000 partners served worldwide.

Diversity of materials

MFC / MDF / Plywood / Mesh / Fabric / Leather

The Manufacturing Area

Factory workshop more than 10,000 square meters

Our Service

Customized Design / Solutions Proposal: CAD layout & rendering/ ODM & OEM / Quick delivery from stock

More than 2,120 companies from 96 countries trust us, the count is increasing.

We sell direct and share the savings.

We cut out middlemen and maintain a lean line of modular inventory to save you up to 80% compared to traditional office furniture of similar quality.

CnInvent Furniture
Save up to 80%
Furniture Dealer
Materials & Manufacturer/Manufacturer Markup/Dealer Markup/Delivery, Assembly & Disposal 100%


Welcome to our showcase projects! Here, we’ve handpicked a series of landmark cases that show how our office furniture has been put to work in all kinds of different offices. Each project is a vivid testament to our commitment to innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and customized service.

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We are the office furniture manufacturer in China which provides high-quality products with a wide product ranges

Office Desks
Basic Storages
Office Workstations
Office Seating

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CnInvent Furniture was founded in Guangzhou in 2014. It’s near the Foshan International Furniture Market, the world’s largest furniture manufacturing and wholesale market. As a professional office furniture manufacturer in China, CnInvent Furniture has successfully helped thousands of sellers worldwide import from China

Production Shop

The factory has a manufacturing base of 10,000 square meters More than 100 front-line workers, including plate workshop, hardware workshop, software workshop, the use of advanced manufacturing equipment, the integration of office furniture into the industry benchmark

How We Quickly Delivered in 8 Steps

As a professional office furniture manufacturer in China. we offer design, R&D, and manufacturing with sales and after-sales service, supplying quality furniture to customers.
Once we receive an inquiry from a customer, our team of professionals immediately springs into action. We engage in a deep conversation to understand the customer’s needs. We ask questions about the type, specifications, quantity, and any specific customization requirements of the office furniture. We want to make sure we fully understand what the customer wants.
Based on the customer’s requirements, our design team will create a preliminary design proposal. We use 3D simulations and rendering technologies to show the customer what the final product will look like. We encourage the customer to give us feedback on the proposal. We keep working on the design until the customer is happy with it.
Once the design is confirmed, we give the customer a detailed quotation. We tell them how much the materials will cost, how much it will cost to make the furniture, and how long it will take to deliver it. If the customer agrees with the quotation, we sign a contract. The contract tells both parties what they have to do. We want to make sure everything is clear and fair.
After we sign the contract, we start buying the materials and planning how to make the furniture. We have good relationships with many high-quality suppliers. We can get good materials quickly. We also plan our production carefully. We want to make sure we make the furniture quickly and well.
While we are making the furniture, we check the quality. We have strict rules about quality control. We have professionals who watch every step of the process. We want to make sure every piece of furniture is high quality. We use advanced equipment and technology to make the furniture quickly and accurately.
After we make the furniture, we put it together and check it. We do a final inspection. We check to make sure the furniture is strong, the surface looks good, and the size is right. We want to make sure the furniture looks and works the way the customer wants.
We pack the furniture carefully so it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. We use international standards for packing. We work with good shipping companies. We choose the best way to ship the furniture based on where the customer is and how fast they want it. We want to make sure the furniture gets to the customer quickly and safely.
When the furniture arrives, we help the customer install it (This is a paid service). We want to make sure the furniture is in the right place and ready to use. We also have a good after-sales service. We help the customer take care of the furniture. If the furniture has a problem, we fix it. We want to make sure the customer is happy.

Customers Reviews

Find out what thousands of verified customers have to say about Branch.
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My wife loves it, says it’s very comfortable and she doesn’t get stiff or sore from sitting for extended periods of time.
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Comfort, quality and price are good.
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I can't stress enough what a beautiful piece of furniture this is. Just looking at it makes me more productive. Love the preset options that make switching between the perfect sitting and standing heights literally as easy as pushing a button, which is important if you're still building up the stamina to stand all day. I've recommended it to all my colleagues.
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This desk look amazing and super functional, i love the woodgrain color and white legs,as well as the cabling compartment. the delivery was seamless
LatinaGeneral manager
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well designed furniture, comfortable and very easy to essemble
EdanaPurchase Manager
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Great customer service

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